Our Mission Statement

To help girls boost their confidence and embrace their beauty through continuous affirmation of their undeniable and immeasurable value.

Our Mission

Every girl should be able to feel confident and beautiful both inside and out. And so she turns to Perfect As U Are to remind herself of how wonderful she truly is. We provide her with the reassurance that she can take on the world and we make it fun to do so.

We understand that many young girls come to a time in life where they start to see themselves differently. And so we are reaching out to emerging young women beginning at the time they have reached a transitional period in their lives. At this time, there is a need to feel confident and beautiful. Perfect As U Are has developed a collection of items that provide young girls with the reassurance of her own inner strength and beauty, while making it an adventure in self-esteem to get dressed.

On our website and in every aspect of our business, we are here for the benefit of the girls.  We offer a growing catalogue of products that support their self-esteem, links to informative articles and blogs, information about our events and our own blog highlighting topics of interest to girls and those that love them.

Perfect As U Are was created to offer young girls the added support and encouragement beginning at this early, but defining age in their life.



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