Who We Are

In 2011, four moms whose families had been affected by the constant barrage of fashion’s images of the “perfect” face and body were fed up.  From that point on, they were dedicated to supporting an image of girls and women that is both healthy and realistic.  They began searching for products that promoted a positive self-image in girls regardless of size, shape, color or any other outward attribute.  They quickly found that there wasn’t much.

Working together, they began designing products that their girls could have with them that would tell them again and again that they are perfect exactly as they are; that no one had the right to tell them differently and if they tried, to be proud of who they are and everything they bring to the world.

Our goal is to provide support, information and products that continually reinforce a healthy self-image. Please let us know if we ever fail you in any way.

We hope you’re fed up too…



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