"Be YOU. you're BEAUTIFUL!"

Every girl should be able to feel confident and beautiful both inside and out. So she turns to Perfect As U Are to remind herself of how wonderful she truly is. We provide her with the reassurance that she can take on the world while making it fun to do so.

We understand girls arrive at a transitional period early in life. They begin to see themselves differently as their self-esteem relates to body image and social pressures. Realizing that we can influence young girls, we want to build self-esteem and promote a healthy lifestyle by offering encouragement and affirmation of their inherent beauty. We say, be you, you’re beautiful because we believe it.

On our website and in every aspect of our business, we are here for the benefit of emerging young women. We offer a growing catalog of products that support their self-esteem, links to informative articles, information about our events and our own blog highlighting topics of interest to girls and those that love them.

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Our Collection...

Shout it out to the world! Tell them how BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT and FEARLESS you are!
Our I AM collection is all about you and your inner voice that screams to everyone around you that you are a self-confident and unique individual.

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